EduDAP wants to generate enthusiasm and practical knowledge by offering many opportunities for students to perform hands-on and learning activities.

Our Goal

Our goal is to encourage students to explore science career option, especially those related to life science and biotechnology and to make them skill ready to be a step ahead while entering colleges and industries.

Kinaesthetic learning also called hands on learning or “Learning by doing” is an innovative learning technique that EduDAP brings in combination with auditory and visual technique to produce multi-sensory learning.


Our Philosophy

In the same vein, schools may find it difficult to introduce “Hands-0n” science activities to every student. We have strong conviction that Doing science is not just beneficial, but absolutely necessary to know science in its spirits.

EduDAP has focused its efforts on school children. With an initiative to unleash a future scientist in students, we come up together to overcome the gap between academic knowledge and practical skills for real world.



Our Focus

In contrast to didactic learning, EduDAP emphasizes on experiential science learning. We wish to enhance the innovative ability of student which would in return bring mental development including motivation, confidence, and creativity.





Our Values

We are guided and driven by a value system in which we adhere to honest and ethical business-practices, evaluate choices with a long-term perspective, endeavor to deliver results of desired quality consistently and enjoy everything that we do.