Learn and study about the composition, structure and interactions of cellular molecules such as nucleic acids and proteins by extracting and analysing them. Then using them for learning various techniques of Recombinant DNA Technology.

  • Understanding DNA
  • To understand the basic structure of DNA and to observe changes caused by enzymes and temperature.
  • DNA Extraction
  • To isolate DNA from different sources in its pure form using the combination of physical and chemical methods.
  • DNA Electrophoresis
  • To separate DNA fragments on agarose gel based on their size and charge using a submarine electrophoresis unit.
  • Restriction Digestion
  • To understand the performance of most vital steps used in recombinant DNA technology i.e digestion of DNA by restriction endonucleases.
  • DNA Amplification (PCR)
  • To carry out Polymerase chain reaction for amplifying a segment of DNA into thousands of millions of copy and to understand the role of primers in DNA replication.
  • DNA Molecular weight determination
  • To determine the molecular size and weight of DNA using graph plot method.