EduDAP provides students an excellent opportunity to experience a tangible connection between the life sciences curriculum which students see in their classrooms and groundbreaking scientific innovations that drives in our Life science industry.

By hosting Career Exploration Event, we expose students to the numerous and diverse career opportunities that exist in the field of life sciences and in encouraging students to pursue a college education that includes a science focus.

We aim to expose students to the exciting range of career opportunities that exist in the industry.

Career Exploration

With your participation in Career Exploration Event :

  • We strive to educate students about the compelling career opportunities that exist in the life sciences.
  • We inspire students to consider a career in the life sciences, our team expert will serve as the liaison between the school students and the industry.

Previous Career Exploration Events have been tremendous successes!    

Career Planning 
The Career Planning event provides information to assist you in understanding and applying the Career Planning process. Few things which Career Planning event includes :

  • Career Planning Process
    What are the steps to career planning?
  • Self-Discovery
    The Career Decision Making System is used to help narrow down some career possibilities for each student. Students will get problem-solving abilities.
  • Identifying career options and researching
    After the workshops, participants will be able to identify careers using a hands-on approach.
  • Make a decision
    Learning about the decision-making process and how it relates to the career planning process will help participants make decisions about their career plans.
  • Self-Confidence
    Self-confidence and self-esteem are often tied together. we will discuss strategies; such as how to focus on the positive, learn from failure and transfer it into success.
  • Action planning
    This will introduce how to stay focused and on track during the Career Planning process. Ensuring that participants are capable of achieving their goal is the top priority.


For any Career related queries or help please feel free to reach out to us through any mentioned mode of communication.

We will be happy to help.