Know how science is transforming from wet lab to dry lab and get your hands-on in the field of bioinformatics. Learn how to collect and analyse complex biological data such as genetic codes and how drugs are designed and screened in the modern world

  • Introduction to Databases
    To study how enormous biological data is stored on different computers and how it can be accessed.
  • DNA and Protein Sequence analysis.
    To study sequences of DNA and protein sequences to understand its features, function, structure and evolution.
  • Primer Designing
    To study and design a primer specific for a DNA sequence with help of computer and to know how it is necessary for a PCR reaction.
  • Protein Structure Prediction
    To predict the structure of a protein by means of various tools and methods from its primary sequence.
  • A glimpse of Drug Discovery
    To quickly study the process of in-silico drug designing using various tools and methodologies.